We are able to supply All grades of sand, ballast, gravel, hoggin, crushed concrete, topsoil, type1 sub base, road planing's, granite chippings. We can also deliver ready mixed concrete and offer a muck away/tipper hire service.

soft and sharp sand

Soft Sand - Unusually used for bricklaying, as it is a very fine material with no grit in it.

Sharp Sand - A course sand which is gritty, it is used for floor screed. Also known as concrete sand, it is also commonly used for laying paving slabs, and under block paving
We can supply 3 types of this material varying in sharpness, depending on customers preference. (the sharper is usually preferred for slab laying, and paving).

mixed and fill sand

Mixed Sand - Sometimes known as 50/50 sand, or plastering sand, is a mix of soft sand and sharp sand used for plastering.

Fill Sand - a cheaper material, usually an unscreened sand used only for in fill.


Ballast is sharp sand mixed with either 20mm stone or 10mm stone, the 20mm ballast is the commonly used material for mixing with cement and water to make concrete.

gravel and hoggin

10mm Gravel - Also known as pea shingle, used for driveways, or decorative stone for gardens and also used for bedding in underground water pipes (as anything bigger can crack the pipe).

20mm Gravel - Also used for drives, and decoration, and is the most popular size for driveways as it doesn't pick up on the bottom of shoes.

40mm Stone & Reject Stone
Both these materials are too big for drives and only used for hardcore, or where good drainage is needed.

Hoggin / Crushed concrete / Road Planing's / M.O.T. Type 1 Granite / Limestone
All these materials are a sub base/ hardcore,and can be obtained in all sizes, used for forming a solid base.

Granite Chippings
Can be obtained in all the usual sizes, and in grey, red, pink or blue, used in the same way as 10/20mm stone.

topsoil and muckaway

Topsoil - We can deliver two types of topsoil. The unscreened topsoil is a rich material and a dark fen soil very popular for gardens, also a screened type that is sometimes preferred when laying turf, as the stones have been removed.

Muckaway - Up to 11 tonne loads of mixed soils, rubble removed from site, where customer loads vehicle with machine.

ready mixed concrete

All mixes delivered.
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